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A Listing of the Fine Artists Represented By ARTRA

  • Classical Artists
    If you're are looking for an artist to perform a traditional concerto of Mozart or Beethoven; an authentic performance on period instruments or the most sought after saxophone performance today, see what we have to offer.

  • Conductors

  • We've got you covered with big band, jazz, and pops.
    Pops Attractions

  • Known for our innovative pops attractions, we bring you programs of motown, songs of Carole King and James Taylor, with a little bit of swing thrown in. 

  • Country

  • Everyone likes cowboy songs and we have the busiest working cowpokes in the world.

  • Nostalgia

  • We have the guys and gals of Motown presenting songs from the artists of the Motor City. 

       © 2023 by ARTRA Artists Management, Inc. 

© 2023 by ARTRA Artists Management, Inc. 

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