"Mark Twain and The Laughing River" is the latest production of Jim Post. He has composed twelve songs, based on true-life stories of Twain's childhood and wove them into a unique musical presentation of dialogue and song. Post's unique interpretation of Twain's humor takes you from dialogue to song, from stories to historical fact, from laughter to nostalgia. After attending the performance of "Mark Twain and the Laughing River", you will meet the personalities who inspired Mark Twain's literary characters. You will know how the Mississippi River fired up Twain's "boiler" and put the devil in his temperament. You will understand how Hannibal, with its buckskin spirit of adventure, was a boy's paradise - fertile ground for Twain's imagination. Come swim in the Mississippi with the rapscallion boy, Mark Twain. For more detailed information, go to

Jim Post as Mark Twain, ARTRA artist and performer