ARTRA presents Kaleidoscope, 

Vocal Quartet

Formed in Las Vegas in response to a continuous clamoring for musical programs with a strong focus on the soundtrack of the lives of The Baby-Boomer Generation, Kaleidoscope takes on the unenviable task of credibly covering what was the vast, varied and ever-evolving musical repertoire of the mid-Sixties to the early Seventies. Folk-Rock, Pop-Rock, Soul, Psychedelic-Rock, Blue-Eyed Soul, Songs of Love & Peace, a New Era of Standards and so much more. One can only begin to describe what’s in store from a show by Kaleidoscope by naming some of the artists that gave voice to this era of music which defies categorization. The Mamas & The Papas, Carole King, Simon and Garfunkel, The 5th Dimension, Petula Clark, The Byrds, The Supremes, The Carpenters, The Beatles, The Young Rascals, The Righteous Brothers, Aretha Franklin, The Doobie Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Neil Diamond; need we say more? Kaleidoscope wows its audiences with the best songs from some of the best artists ever. Concert-goers only disappointment may be that there wasn’t enough time to hear Kaleidoscope perform more! 


The very definition of the word gives one insight as to what expect from this fabulous group. Phrases such as “An endless variety of patterns” and “Successions of changing scenes, colors, actions and phases”, begin to shed light on what this myriad of stellar vocalists have created as they join forces as a vocal ensemble to be reckoned with. Despite the level of individual achievements which can be attributed to the members of Kaleidoscope, this is a perfect example in which “The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts”.