A listing of the fine artists represented by ARTRA

  • Classical Artists
    If you're are looking for an artist to perform a traditional concerto of Mozart or Beethoven; an authentic performance on period instruments or the most sought after saxophone performance today, see what we have to offer.

  • Conductors

  • We've got you covered with big band, jazz, pops and even a Sousa specialist.
    Pops Attractions

  • Known for our innovative pops attractions, we bring you programs of motown, songs of Carole King and James Taylor, with a little bit of swing thrown in. 

  • Country

  • Everyone likes cowboy songs and we have the busiest working cowpokes in the world.

  • Nostalgia

  • We have the guys and gals of Motown presenting songs from the artists of the Motor City. You'll also find Jim Post telling the stories of the Great Mississippi as Mark Twain.