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Anjan Shah

Rhapsody in  राग जोग (Raag Jog) 

for bansuri flute, tenor saxophone, tabla, guitar, bass and orchestral strings

Anjan’s newest project Rhapsody in Raag Jog was conceived as a way of giving expression to Anjan’s Indian ancestry and personally reconciling, his own musical cultures of western classical & jazz and eastern Hindustani. As a first-generation American born in 1966 in Michigan, Anjan struggled as a child to ‘fit in’ and be accepted as the person he is, a proud American and a son of his ancestral land – India. In a very real sense, this work represents the true dimensions of who he is as both a person and a musician.

Rhapsody in Raag Jog is a 22-minute original work by Drew Zaremba that is rhapsodic in form and features the bansuri flute/tenor saxophone, guitar, table, bass and orchestral strings. The composition brings together 4 major ideas: improvisation, a fusion of western & eastern music, diversity & inclusion, and a personal journey of cultural acceptance through music.

“I have been so fortunate to benefit from so many rich and diverse musical experiences and hope that this fusion of Indian sounds and melodies with jazz will inspire you to reflect on the particular influences which have shaped your own appreciation for music and serve to motivate you to explore new expressions wherever they might lead. This, in the purest sense, is an artistic endeavor,” states soloist Anjan Shah. “This is a tribute to my father, Girish Shah, who first inspired me to explore and embrace the music of India and I know he would be so delighted by this very special work and the cherished traditions it represents.”  For more information, go to

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