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ARTRA: Musicians representing musicians!

ARTRA Artists Management was established in 1984 by professional musicians who felt they could do a better job of representing the fine artists they were working with.


ARTRA Artists Management celebrates almost 40 years of representing the finest classical musicians and symphonic pops attractions in the business. As we recover from the pandemic, ARTRA is here to help. With highly skilled performers at affordable prices, our goal is to bring presenters the personalized attention they deserve with friendly phone conversation without strong sales pitches.


They promptly communicate availability and provide all artist materials electronically for a successful performance. Best of all, you can be guaranteed that you will get the quality performances you deserve!

Terry & Bob_edited-1.jpg

Terry is back at ARTRA and ready to answer the phone. Her background as a classical violinist/violist has taken her to many diverse settings including orchestral performances, a top-forties band and tours around the country with pop entertainers. String quartet performance has been her passion with celebrating well over 1,000 wedding ceremonies and receptions.


Bob is from Southern Illinois, and settled in Chicago after attending Northwestern University. His performance career includes 44 years as the tubist with the Lyric Opera Orchestra, 34 years with the Chicago Brass Quintet and almost 40 years as lead sousaphone player with the Buffalo Shufflers.


Through their growing frustration from working with a self-governing orchestra, they were positive they could do a better job in returning phone calls and sending out contracts. After all these years, they have proven to do an excellent job promoting quality artists and giving presenters programming ideas that sell tickets and grow audiences at prices you can afford.


 Give them a call at 1-800-354-1645. They look forward to talking to you; catching up and recommending the fine artists that will bring you guaranteed success.

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